Music in the CLOUD

2L et Morten Lindberg
2L éditeur de disques Norvégien.
Morten Lindberg from 2L

We have reached a point where iTunes and MP3 has replaced the Compact Disc.
I sincerely doubt any record labels will manufacture any traditional silver discs in 2011.
Download turn into streaming and very soon the providers will turn up the bitrate to match the quality we are used to from CD. Combine streaming subscription with the capability to make offline local storage of the music and the future is here.

Music out of the CLOUD
Have you ever experienced the true sonic values that we work with on recording sessions? Now you have the chance to take our perspective with high resolution audio files.
We make our recordings in DXD.
Digital eXtreme Definition brings « analogue » qualities in 24 bit at 352.8 kHz sampling rate, perfectly comparable to the analogue output from our microphones.

FLAC 24bit/96kHz is within reach of most domestic customers. With players as the Logitech TOUCH connected to a normal receiver you can easily experience an extended resolution. 2L distributors: Klicktrack (worldwide) – HDtracks (USA) – eONKYO (Japan) – Gubemusic (Norway).

FLAC 24bit/192kHz require some basic knowledge on computers hardware and software.
Computeraudiophile is a good source on how to get up and running.

2L distributors: Klicktrack (worldwide) and eONKYO (Japan)
Selected music servers has already implemented converters that makes it possible to play back our original resolution of 24bit/352.8kHz WAV.
This is currently an expert-level exercise.
By February 2011 a new European portal will feature our full range of high resolution audio.

All the above distributed audio files are stereo masters.
The FLAC standard also allow for multi-channel 5.1 surround sound. Unfortunately, very few domestic players are currently capable of utilizing more than two channels from distributed files. But if you’re up for the challenge, visit our Surround Sound FLAC to experience 6 channels of 24bit/96kHz: (worldwide) and iTrax (USA)

Test Bench:

FLAC is a lossless encoding of WAV-files derived directly from our production original used for the SACD and Pure Audio Blu-ray.
All resolutions and encodings are derived from the same original DXD source files.
« TRONDHEIMSOLISTENE – in folk style » nominated for two GRAMMY-awards Tweet
The Trondheim Soloists is nominated for Best Small Ensemble Performance. In the category Best Surround Sound Album Morten Lindberg is nominet as producer and engineer for the same album. The Norwegian label 2L now count a total of 9 nominations past five years. The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards will be held on February 13th, 2011, at Staples Center in Los Angeles and once again will be broadcast live in high definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on CBS.

TRONDHEIMSOLISTENE – in folk style in Blu ray

TRONDHEIMSOLISTENE – in folk style: In Nordic Melodies we find Grieg in passionate play with folk songs.
The work sparkles with harmonies and expression, developing a whole story from just a few short stanzas.
The Holberg Suite, loved for its beauty and feared for its challenges, is a fusion of European musical tradition and a genuine Norwegian sound palette.

The Trondheim Soloists follow up with two brilliant soloists, Emilia Amper on nyckelharpa and Gjermund Larsen on fiddle, in newly commissioned music characterized by the same energy and tenderness.
Wild nature and Nordic light are essential elements of the folk style.

This lies at the core of the Trondheim Soloist’s soul, a meeting between the musical playfulness and passion. Conductor: Øyvind Gimse. Ensemble leader: Geir Inge Lotsberg.
The Trondheim Soloists is regarded one of the top chamber orchestras in the world. Their DIVERTIMENTI was nominated for the 51st GRAMMY Awards as « Best Small Ensemble », « Best Engineered Album » and « Best Surround Sound Album » in 2008.
Now IN FOLK STYLE sets a new standard for the performance of Edvard Grieg’s « Suite From Holberg’s Time » with the intense musical details revealed in this most spectacular surround sound recording ever made.