Jern speakers TIAS 2019

Jern au Tokyo International Audio Show 2019
Close up Jern speaker TIAS 2019

Some of you who follow us asked me what were our favorites of the show.
My son and I fell in love with the Jern speakers made in Denmark.

Jern literally translates Grey Cast Iron (fonte en français).

I asked a few questions to learn more about Jern company.

Jern speakers

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 Jern
Jern product line TIAS 2019

1: Tell me more about your company.

I think we covered most of this but if you need more I can help , JERN is the Danish word for Iron.
JERN ApS is a part of Dansk Skalform A/S, a precision casting company based in Aars , Denmark.
Their primary business is Automotive,  Offshore and Agricultural industries. They are very diverse and highly regarded in their segment

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 Jern system
Jern hifi system TIAS 2019


2: How did you come to make loudspeakers?   

Soren Dissing, the second generation Managing Director of Dansk Skalform is an Audiophile.
He had built a loudspeaker with in house technology and using Grey Cast Iron (JERN) for the cabinet.
Ole Lund Christensen and  Mr. Dissing met at an audio conference.
Ole admired the brilliant choice of material because he had learned at university about the superb vibration damping properties of Grey Cast Iron.

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 22
Jern au Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 notre coup de cœur du salon.

Ole studied the existing speaker project.
He made suggestions and then developed a new reduced cost version of the Grey Cast Iron Loudspeaker.   

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 Jern decoupling
Jern decoupling system demonstration TIAS 2019

The casting process is very difficult.
Other companies have tried in vain.
Dansk Skalform has industry leading robot, casting simulation, CAD, CAM, and CNC abilities plus 40 years of experience.
This made the development of the unique loudspeaker possible.  

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 Jern and Mytek
Jern and Mytek TIAS 2019

There is a new larger model JERN 30 ( about 30 kg) that uses a 6.5 inch driver in development and Ole has been the driving force behind this. We expect this larger loudspeaker to be even better than the amazing current models.

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019
Jern speaker TIAS 2019

3: Introduce us your speakers.

The W8000 and W9000 are wall mount speakers.  The 12 series is developed for use very close to the wall in small rooms.
The 14 series is developed for normal audiophile use on a stand away from the walls.
The 14 require a subwoofer.
The 14 is called 14 as it weights about 14 Kilograms in shipping.

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 Jern
Jern hi-fi system TIAS 2019

 We have just launched the Foundation 500 Mid Bass active loudspeaker with balanced dual 8 inch woofers and a 500W amplifier (It does the job of a Subwoofer, but it has a better midrange ).
There will also soon be a Foundation 1000 with dual balanced 10 inch woofers and a 1,000 W amplifier.

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 Jern system
Jern hifi system TIAS 2019


4: What are their particularities? 

The cabinet is closed, so no port noise.

It vibrates very little and it is very strong and heavy.
The cabinet shape is time correct and the crossover is phase linear and thus time correct.
Many consider the JERN 14 to have the best imaging and soundstage of all the loudspeakers in the world !

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019 Jern
Jern TIAS 2019

5 : What is your assessment after this show?

Personally, I love this show and Japan as a whole, the people are sincere and genuine attentive they like to gather information love the active demonstrations they are unlike any other audience , sadly though they are aging the Audiophiles are getting old and the young blood does not seem to be as evident as it is at shows like Poland, Warsaw where there is a very young group of attendees.

Ole Lund Christensen C.E.O


The speaker used in Japan were the 14 EH Golden Dome speakers with the foundation 500 Mid Bass speaker.

The 14 EH speaker retail for $5000 per pair in the USA and Canadian market.    The Foundation 500 Mid Bass speaker will retail $6000.

These are currently available . in Black , White , Grey and Danish Red finish  Foundation 500 was launched at TIAS 2019.

I hope we will have the chance to see and hear Jern production in Canada.
I spoke with his representative, a very nice man who also seems very motivated.
As he is familiar to say, wait and see.

In the next part, to conclude and as wish tradition, Mr. Hideaki Nishikawa, IASJ chairman will give us his comments about the TIAS 2019

In the meantime, a video is under progress for you to live the TIAS in less than 15 minutes.

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